Press Release: Deedra Abboud on Texas’ SB4

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April 27, 2021

Contact: Beatriz Lopez,, 202-413-2375

STATEMENT: Texas Should Not Ignore the Lessons of Arizona’s SB1070

 PHOENIX – The Texas legislature passed the egregious Senate Bill 4 (SB4) that endangers public safety, legalizes racial profiling, and forces law enforcement to act as immigration enforcement agents or otherwise be penalized.

U.S. Democratic senate candidate for Arizona, Deedra Abboud, responded to the passage of the bill, set to be signed by Governor Abbott next week:

“The Texas legislature has made a grave mistake in passing Senate Bill 4. Those who voted for this bill stand on the wrong side of history, alongside those in Arizona who voted for SB1070 seven years ago.

“This egregious bill undermines cities and jurisdictions that value and prioritize the safety of all their communities regardless of immigration status. Worse yet, SB4 forces law enforcement, including campus police, to go against their own will and act as ICE agents, instead of continuing to build on the trust of community policing. The fact alone that law enforcement can be penalized is outrageous and wrong.

“But the impact will be felt much more on Texas and its residents. The lessons of Arizona’s SB1070 should not be ignored. Firsthand, as a civil rights advocate and later as immigration attorney, I saw and tackled the consequences. Families suffered, paralyzed with fear, as the state faced economic repercussions from boycotts to litigation costs. It divided a state and tainted the rich history and culture of Arizona.

“Arizona has made significant strides to move past SB1070 and be a welcoming community that puts the people and our values ahead of hateful agendas.

“Governor Abbott who has made this legislation his own personal crusade to uphold President Trump’s misguided immigration policies should think twice before jeopardizing the lives of all Texans, the economy of the state, and the trust between law enforcement and community.

“Signing this bill into law will have lasting consequences. Trust Arizona, we know.”

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